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Reduce collisions between forklifts and drive-in racks

  • 2024-04-24
Reduce collisions between forklifts and drive-in racks
Drive-in racks are assembled racks in which forklifts or stackers drive in and out of the racks and use pallet unit racks for storage operations. The entry and exit of a forklift will inevitably cause damage to the guardrails, corbels and pallets due to the forklift driver's operation or level problems. This damage can range from scraping off plastic powder to hitting a shelf truck and damaging someone. Death. How to avoid this problem?

1. When planning the warehouse, you can ask the shelf manufacturer to appropriately increase the width of the drive-in shelf channel and reserve some safe distance for the driver in advance, which can reduce the collision of the forklift on the corbels;

2. Add protective covers to the corbels or guardrails. Although this method can reduce the damage to the shelves by the forklift, it provides an opportunity for some drivers with poor technical skills, making it difficult for managers to judge the driver's operating level. ;

3. Draw visual deceleration lines on the passage ground instead of deceleration signs. In many cases, experienced drivers drive faster, resulting in a certain distance between the measured gap and the actual gap visually, so a simple deceleration sign may not be very effective;

4. Installing fork tin covers on the forklift can effectively reduce the damage to the edges and corners of the pallet by the forklift; however, whether this method is feasible is best subject to the safety test of the forklift manufacturer;

In fact, in addition to the above four points, how to reduce the collision problem of forklifts on drive-in shelves, the most important thing is for managers to put forward requirements. On the one hand, before forklift drivers join the job, they should strengthen pre-job training and improve the driver's safety awareness. On the other hand, after the driver joins the job, the assessment of forklift drivers must be strengthened; as a forklift driver, you also need to continuously improve your technical level and safety awareness, in order to fundamentally avoid collision problems.

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