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Forklift accessories - tipping fork

  • 2024-04-25
Forklift accessories - tipping fork
Function and application:
The tipping fork frame can safely and efficiently tip the bulk cargo in the container forward; equipped with a bucket, it can shovel various loose cargoes, such as sand, coal, grain, fertilizer, soil and broken bricks.

Structural features:
* Adopting an all-steel structure frame with high strength, it can meet the needs of users for high-intensity operations.
* Installing a hydraulic safety lock on the oil circuit of the accessories ensures the safety and reliability of various operations of the tipping fork frame, and reduces the dangers that may be caused to the operation of the tipping fork frame due to failure of hydraulic components or oil circuits; at the same time, whether it is a sudden strong impact during the operation of the accessories or an impact caused by bumpy roads during transportation, the hydraulic safety lock can eliminate the hydraulic shock generated, ensuring that the cylinder barrel will not be deformed due to excessive hydraulic shock, and the pin shaft at the hinge of the mechanism will not be deformed or broken due to excessive hydraulic shock. In addition, there is an oil detection port on the cylinder to facilitate the detection and maintenance of equipment failures.
* The mechanism hinge uses a high-strength brass alloy bushing inlaid with solid lubricant, which is twice as hard as ordinary copper bushings! The life of the bushing is fully extended! Because of its self-lubricating function, it does not need to add grease regularly to protect the pin from wear, thereby avoiding the pin breakage caused by rapid wear of the bushing.

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