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The Relationship between Load Center and Stability of Forklifts

  • 2024-03-13
All forklifts have corresponding maximum load-bearing capacity at their specific heights and load centers. Therefore, in order to ensure balance during transportation and loading and unloading, we need to understand the load center of gravity of the forklift. What is the load center?

The load center refers to the distance between the vertical plane of the forklift fork and the center of gravity of the load. The center displays where to place the load when lifting heavy pallets to maintain the balance of the forklift. The stable center of gravity of a forklift helps ensure the safety and stability of goods.

Why is stability and load center important?

Adhering to safety requirements is the key to ensuring safe operation of forklifts. Balancing the load of forklifts not only ensures their normal operation, but also significantly improves business productivity. Additionally, by avoiding accidents, you will save time. By enhancing the stability of the machine and centralizing the load, you can improve the operation of forklifts.

How to determine the load center of a forklift?

Please refer to the information on the forklift nameplate for the forklift load center. When you stack loads evenly, such as pallets, the center of the load will be located in the middle of the load. Therefore, for a load of 1000 millimeters, the load center will be 500 millimeters. According to the information on the nameplate, you should also keep in mind the maximum height and length of the load. In addition, only when the load is far below the limit weight can a load that exceeds the specified load center distance be lifted.

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