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Container forklift truck

  • 2023-12-13
Empty container stacker:
Container forklift is a special forklift for handling and loading containers in ports, transfer stations and freight yards. It is used for auxiliary operations such as stacking empty containers, and can also be used for container loading and unloading in comprehensive terminals and yards with small container throughput, or short-distance handling. It is also called "stacker". Ordinary forklift trucks are mainly used for loading and unloading, stacking and short-distance transportation of pallet goods, with a load capacity of 1.2 to 8 tons.

With the rapid development of container logistics industry, more and more container forklifts are used. The carrying capacity of container forklift truck is 8 ~ 45 tons, which is flexible and flexible in container terminals and freight yards. The operation range is large, and the number of stacking layers can reach 9 layers when it rises to the limit position. Compared with other container machinery, low cost and other advantages. Through the replacement of fittings, can be used to load and unload other goods, to achieve the effect of a multi-purpose machine, more widely used.

Front hanging:
It can be used for container loading and unloading operations of 20 feet and 40 feet. It is mainly used for container stacking and horizontal transportation in dock and stack plant. Compared with forklift trucks, it has the advantages of flexibility, easy operation, good stability, low wheel pressure, high stacking layer and high utilization rate of stack plant. Cross-box operation is possible. It is especially used for container loading and unloading in small and medium-sized ports, railway transit stations and highway transit stations, and can also be used as auxiliary equipment in large container terminals.

When hoisting a container, the front crane does not have to be vertical with the container, and can be operated at an Angle with the container. After lifting, the spreader can be rotated to pass through a relatively narrow passage. At the same time, the lifting gear can be moved 800mm from the left and right side to facilitate the matching of the box during lifting and improve the working efficiency. For the freight station with poor site conditions, the front crane can also work normally.

The telescopic boom can be loaded with variable amplitude, and the take-off and landing of the container is completed by the boom expansion and variable amplitude. When the boom is extended and the pitching cylinder is extended, the lifting speed is faster, and the lock can be obtained at the same time when falling. In the operation, the whole vehicle walking, amplitude changing, boom telescopic action can be realized at the same time, with high work efficiency.

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