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What is the difference between internal combustion forklifts

  • 2022-07-27
The internal combustion forklift is a self-propelled loading and unloading machine mounted by a gantry and a fork. Can be used for loading, unloading and stacking of finished products. Once installed for replacement jobs, it can also be used to load and unload special items and bulk materials.
A forklift consists of three important parts: energy installation, wheeled chassis and operational installation. Operational installations include masts, chains, forks, forks and hydraulic cylinders. The gantry is a roll-up structure, hinged on the axle or derrick, and can be tilted back and forth through the inclined hydraulic cylinder, so it will not overturn when loading and unloading products or carrying goods. The lifting hydraulic cylinder drives the fork frame with the fork to fall along the inner door frame through the chain transmission.

In order to make the overturning moment generated by the product components unbalanced, an unbalanced counterweight is installed at the rear of the car body, and two arm-shaped shelves extend backward, the former is equipped with small-diameter wheels. During operation, pull out the bottom of the product together and lift the forks. Because the product is located on the bearing surface of the wheel, the stability of the whole vehicle is good. Its forks can move back and forth in the longitudinal direction of the forklift. The fork sticks out when loading and unloading the product, and returns to the middle of the body when it is turned over, so the stability of the whole vehicle is good. The mast and the fork face the side of the forklift, are located in the middle of the body, and can move laterally together. Suitable for loading and unloading of long products. When the forklift overturns, the product is placed on the body platform, and the stability of the whole vehicle is good.

internal combustion forklift

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