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What causes the steering wheel of a forklift to be unstable

  • 2022-06-08
1. The spring sheet between the valve core and the valve sleeve of the steering valve in the steering gear of the internal combustion forklift and electric forklift is damaged or too soft, and it is difficult to overcome the resistance of the forklift steering gear during reverse transmission, so that the forklift valve sleeve cannot automatically return to the neutral position.
2. The movement of the spool valve is blocked due to the dirty hydraulic oil of the diesel forklift.
3. The steering axle cylinder is not in the middle position because the neutral position of the forklift is not adjusted properly, or the spool valve is not in the middle position due to the offset of the spool valve and the step position of the valve body.
4. The flow control valve is stuck, which makes the hydraulic pump flow too large, the oil pressure pipeline is arranged unreasonably, or the two-way overload valve or the two-way oil supply valve leaks on one side, which causes the forklift oil pressure system throttling loss to be too large, which makes the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder. Or the right chamber pressure is too high.
Other reasons for the failure of the internal combustion forklift and electric forklift accessories may be loose steering connection mechanism, air in the oil, improper front wheels, differences between tires, or uneven adjustment of the brakes of the two front wheels. No matter what it is, in order to ensure work efficiency and the safety of forklift drivers, it is necessary to check the reasons for the drift of the steering wheel of internal combustion forklifts and electric forklifts.
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